When I came across Divine Truth, everything they were teaching appealed to my logic and my heart, apart from all this talk about spirits.  I was literally like what is going on here.  Firstly the concept of of a soul and its continuation of existence in life after death was big enough thing to get my head around, but to then go on and say that any one who dies has the ability to influence and speak to people still alive on earth was just mental to me. Never mind the fact that they said this was happening with millions of spirits still hanging around the earth, not wanting to fully pass on yet with some not even being aware that they had died.  If this was all true why is it not more widely known or spoken about. 

So after getting home from attending a Divine Truth seminar in Australia at the end of 2016, I set out to find out the truth.  Turned out, unbeknown to me this is a huge subject with amazing research going on and millions of very able people who can talk to, hear and see spirits.  One of the first things I did was go to a medium in Brighton, at the spiritualist church where they have drop in sessions.  I had it confirmed to me in my reading that the medium was getting very accurate information from "dead" people that knew me, there was 100% no other explanation for this. This is a very common experience for people who have been to see mediums, but thats not to say there aren't some phoneys out there and just like with any gift there are people of varying abilities and motives.  Recently in the news Helena Bonham Carter reported getting advice, through her friend who is a medium, from the deceased Prince Margret on how best to play her in The Crown.  The reality of the spirit world and its existence is only just starting to come more into the main stream awareness.  I feel it wont be long before this is more widely accepted due to the advancement in science the inability to deny the evidence that is out there. 

At that point when one receives proof of life after death, however that may come,  it instantaneously changes your life.  Conjuring up all sorts of questions about the soul, the physical body and consciousness.  It can change the choices you make, how you process grief of people dying, the level of fear you have, whether you want to continue taking any drugs that can affect how you are influenced by spirits, how you deal with and understand all aspects of mental health as well as the help and guidance that you're able to tap into.  This list goes on and on. Things also start to make a lot more sense and you can then see explanations for questions that are still unanswered by "modern" science and medicine, especially with regards to addiction and mental health.

Near Death Experiences or NDE's is also a fascinating topic, one which help me grown my faith on the topic. There are so many interesting testimonials of people who have passed over, received information and come back and they all match up pretty well regardless of that individuals previous beliefs.  Listening to interviews with doctors and nursers who are constant surrounded by people dying is also a great source for learning. For many, life after death is such an accepted fact of well, life.   However for us in the UK it is a taboo topic, commonly judged, mocked and/ or politely avoided in discussions. I am still shocked as to how I thought, and many others think it's an absolute joke, when there's so much proof out there.  Apparently its an ability we all have, though some are definitely more gifted than others. As young children it exists in us and we soon shut it down after we are told it's not real or after we have scary encounters with more darker spirits.  If you think about it imaginary friends maybe aren't so imaginary after all, children are commonly reported to be able to speak to people who actually have been recorded as having passed in that house or area.  There may well have been good reason to be scared of that one spooky room. 

Everyone naturally warms to the ideas of angles, guides and guardians, and fears the concept of darker more negative ghost or "demons" there is a reason that both these concepts commonly affect us regardless of what we put our faith in. What I believe is that just like people on earth spirits can be good and bad people to quite large varying degrees, but at the end of the day they are just people.  One very important point to understand is that a kind or loving spirit will never try to control or manipulate you, they will only try and aid or influence you in a positive direction.  However negative or unkind spirts can influence us sometimes it's not overly dark or intense but sometimes it can be.  They do this mainly to meet their old physical and emotional addictions that they can no longer get directly themselves once they have died, but also because when you are in a dark place you do take "joy" in other peoples suffering.  So painless and gentle is the transition form physical to spirit that a lot of the time the spirits themselves are unaware that they have even died.  So they hang around trying to continue "living" in the physical through other people not being being aware that they are influencing or over cloaking these individuals.  These sort of lost souls are not as malicious but can still have large affects of the people that they are attach themselves to. 

I cannot communicate directly with sprits or see them, but, I do get feelings so I am aware of when I am getting help/guidance and when I am being attacked or negatively influenced by spirits.  I can get a fuzzy head, feel pressure in temples, get a sudden very loud ringing in my ears and also sometimes just get very sleepy very quickly.  They can also jump in on my negative feelings and exacerbate them whether that be in real life or in nightmares.  What I have learnt is spirits can only affect you when you have emotional holes or injuries, bad news guys we all have them and lots of them.  So say I have a fear of freak accidents or torture (which I do, I hated final destination) spirits can easily see this and manipulate it in me. If they dont want me to take a certain action or be thinking a certain way all they need to do is drop a thought into my head that it might lead to violence. Or sometimes I'll just be driving along in my car and out of no where I'll imagine a freak car accident playing out where I end up impaled on a road sign! Just in way a toxic friend doesn't always want you to grow and change these negative spirts are against your positive growth because of their own dark condition. Sometimes you might feel that you're just starting to get your shit together or feeling good about things but give them any opportunity and they will try and drag you back down, as long as you still have that unhealed emotional pain in you.  This is especially true if you're doing something that the spirit is feeding off of such as an addiction to drugs, sex, money or alcohol.  

On the other side of things I often have great ideas literally drop into my head from nowhere, I used to attest this to some level of intelligence and creativity but actually a lot of the time I get a large amount of help from sprits especially when I am doing something that is kind, loving and beneficial to humanity.  I know for a fact that as soon as we want to benefit the world Gods army is there to support us, or even when we are contemplating it they are waiting in the wings gently egging us on.  Sometimes its just a feeling of companionship, I have spent a lot of the last year alone,  I can be driving along and a song comes on "I get by with with a little help from my friends", my whole body rushes with light tingles and a warmness and I feel emotionally overwhelmed but in a good way, like a spiritual hug from those looking out for me and helping me through life.  We are never really alone, we always have our Guide and Guardians there for us and of course we always have God but the latter I feel I still struggle with. 

I could talk for hours on this subject and I have met so many people that can communicate and channel sprits, Mary and Jesus who teach Divine Truth are the most talented mediums I have ever come across.  Marys ability to channel the emotions, words and even mannerisms of spirits is amazing to the point where you even forget it is her speaking, and it feels like you are listening to a direct conversation with that spirit. 

There are some incredible books that have been channelled, also known as automatic writing where someone on earth acts as a scribe for a spirit.  As sprits continue to have the opportunity to grow in love for an infinite amount of time a lot of them reach states of development and brightness that we cant even really imagine these are referred to a "Celestial Spirits" or Angels.  Being able to receive messages from people like this in an invaluable resource for learning about love, the human soul and about the meaning of life and the existence of God. And there are so many beautiful books that have been channelled in this way.  When we combine this channelled material with the science and testimonials currently present on this vast topic, it is impossible to deny the existence of life after death. 

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