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Hi everyone, my name is Anna MacDonald and welcome to my website.  This is a both a place where I will write pieces on the topics of Divine Truth along side a more personal blog following my experimentation with God throughout all aspects of my life including work, health, the environment, and of course relationships. Its about exploration, adventure, growth, truth and love.  It's not about religion or rules.  Although putting myself out there doesn't feel overly comfortable, I love talking about this sort of stuff and feel compelled to share my findings with you on the off chance they might help others too.

A bit of background info on how I got here.  After studying hard and playing a lot of sport, post-uni I decided to spend three years of working travel including a couple of ski seasons.  It was after my return to the "real world" in my late 20’s that I was becoming dissatisfied with life.  I missed learning but had tried to go back to study a masters which failed miserably for various reasons.  I ended up on a mission to find out truth whilst figuring out what to do.  I was (and still am) extremely passionate about environmental and health issues which both eventually led me to veganism.  However before this my friend Bex shared a presentation on Epi-genetics by Bruce Lipton which blew me away (link at end).  It highlighted the key/sole role of emotions in how our health and genetics play out. I remember it so well at the time I kept having to pause the video to process what I was hearing,  scientific proof that how we feel literally controls our biology yet throughout all of my schooling I was taught the exact opposite.  This was a HUGE deal to me.


The speech opened my mind more to the subject of Spirituality, I was always the free spirited one in my friendship group and I have always been drawn to Love and Truth, "Love lifts us up where we belong, where the eagles fly on a mountain high" :).  However I’d never looked into any spiritual teachings because I didn’t believe in God, maybe the universe at a push, and I think I thought The Secret was interesting or a few months or so, but my faith had always been in science. I had a lot of judgement towards religion, and God and didn't think that you could even have God without religion. It was quite bad in that I couldn't actually couldn't say the word God without feeling awkward or smirking.  This was until I got introduced to Divine Truth, which echoed Dr Lipton's findings, and other conclusions I had come to regarding the environment and veganism. They explained these topics much further from a spiritual perspective, along side hundreds of other topics with great detail, logic and .... Love.  Science AND faith…. interesting I thought, even if the couple teaching it claim to be Jesus and Mary, I couldn't deny what they teach is far beyond anything else I had ever come across.

What does Divine Truth cover ?  Emotional processing, understanding childhood trauma, veganism, how the soul works, law of attraction, spirits and the after life, how to connect to God,  karma, collective consciousness, dreams, addiction, "heaven", anger, soulmates and illness amongst a few other things.  Essentially I see it as a real education in Love and truth, it’s literally all here, its logical and scientific yet soft and beautiful, it has completely blown me away.

Divine truth is taught by Jesus and Mary, yes THE Jesus and Mary reincarnated.  A lot of people struggle to get past this claim.  With my lack of religious background I wasn’t offended by this as many are. After my initial cult resistance I was curious about the "crazy" claim because the guy genuinely didn't seem crazy, quite the opposite, I wanted to investigate.  I did however dislike the judgment I knew anyone listening to Jesus and Mary must receive Probably most importantly a particular talk “Secrets of the Universe” (link below) had come recommended by my best friend of 15 years.  Something connected with me, like BAM, a truth arrow to the heart. It challenged me too, I didn’t believe in God or spirits or have any understating of mediumship and potential afterlife which are a core concepts to the teachings.  To begin with it was all to Mystic Meg and Goddy for me to fully get on board with, and I still smirked when talking about it. 

A lot of listening, challenging conversations with family and friends, and a trip to Australia to listen in person to one of their seminars, I believe who they say they are.  For me theres no other logical explanation for their knowledge, sensitivity, ability to read others emotions and their other worldy kindness, compassion and level of ethics.  They are the two most loving people that I have ever come across.  Too many of my conversations about Divine Truth turn into people challenging whether AJ Miller is Jesus or not and whether or not it is a cult.  It doesn’t matter to me nor to him whether you believe it or not and until it shows any signs of actually being a cult it’s a waste of conversation. A cult has a leader looking to control and gain a following, when I say they are the two most loving people, I mean literally no one else on earth walks the walk like they do and their main goal (unlike other spiritual leaders) is to truly benefit the world not themselves. You know at school when you just had a great teacher and the subject clicked?  Thats what these guys have done for me, from having atheist beliefs to understanding faith for the first time and desiring to get to know God.  But they cant do the work for me and its not easy work.


As I have  a passion for design and creation this is where I seem to connect more easily with God, I look around me in nature, at the human body and genetics and I read about the sprit world..... the presence of intelligent design now seems too obvious. Do you know what the odds of a strand of DNA arranging itself in the right order to create life? 1 in 10^400,000. About the same as winning the lottery EVERY DAY for 15 Billion consecutive years...... they didn't teach me that at school.  I do still struggle with a personal relationship with God though but I feel a growing desire and I'll likely write more about that in another post, because its a very important topic. 


I want this blog to be about the personal experimentation of their teachings, how I go with it all and the results I see.  I hope to show how choosing truth and Love can change your life in ways and at speeds you cant event imagine whether you involve God in the process or not.  The buzz word and core theme of the blog is Truth, if it all turns out to be wrong, one big lie and I suffer horribly then I’ll tell you, my desire is to be fully transparent not to try and convince or convert. 


How do the teachings bring about positive change ? They Expose why we act un-lovingly in certain situations, why the vast majority are not happy and thriving.  They show how we can change this by facing our hurt self and releasing the negative emotions created in us by early childhood traumas. Jesus and Mary teach how a desire to involve God in this process is the fastest way of making lasting change.  This change occurs when Gods love enters your soul and transforms it, and for this to happen there needs to be a pure desire on your part.  It’s not a religion, but more of “a way”.  All material can be found on their website or youtube channel, its free and they are funded through donations.  

Personal development requires humility and the ability to soften to our pain, which is something that really doesn’t come naturally to the majority, nor to me.  We need to take emotional responsibility for our lives and process our feelings rahter than taking them out on other people or creating addictions to avoid them. 

What are the negative emotions that I am going to be experimenting with? The below is a list of all the big issues repeatedly coming up for myself, I mean there are hundreds but these are the main ones. 

– I feel responsible for people feelings.

– I want to be in control when it comes to men and feel justified in my anger. 

-- I have needed/used boyfriends in the past for physical security and closeness as part of barter/ codependency. 

– I run away from certain types of responsibility as I see them as a burden.

-- My worth is tied up with what I achieve, which makes me competitive and seek public approval. 

– I see money as security and freedom so I keep it through fear and don’t let it flow.

– I have shut down my own femininity and have been taught to judge femininity in others. 

- I judge and treat myself harshly and dont enjoy looking to look after myself properly, it feels like a drag. 

Most of these things I wasn’t fully aware of before Divine Truth, I had a lot of addictions covering them up.  Or if I was aware of them I didn’t understand why there were there or that I could change them. I can be very unloving when situations rock the above boats, producing anger, stress, fear, judgement, harshness, sadness and selfishness.  I am sure you can also see how the above false beliefs inhibit positive growth.  I believe everyone has a list which ends up controlling our life.  We create environments and facades to avoid such injuries being challenged and therefore, pain not felt.  Although despite our best efforts to avoid them, God's law of attraction is constantly bringing us circumstances to trigger the above list, highlighting my issues to me and giving me the opportunity to work through them..... if only I could always see it as a gift.

It is not easy removing emotional and/or physical addictions and dealing with your resulting hurt, but I believe it has to be done to discover who and what our real selves and passions are.  It's very much an ongoing process.  Despite the difficulties and despite feeling like a complete beginner with a growing but small desire for God, I love the truth and I’m compelled to learn and grow more.   I love experimenting, what larger more important experiment is there than that of love, truth and God.  I hope you enjoy.

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